About Anika

Anika has always wanted to be a writer, and was positively esctatic when her publisher offered her a contract, and then another, and another. She works without structure or outline. Her heroes and heroines leading her on their journey to completion.

Although Anika is very picky in life and with foods, she isn't afraid to try new things. Similarly, she doesn't limit her writing to any one genre or theme. So look out for her many books with varied themes and genres.

By day she is an administrator with a BBA and an MPA. But by night, oh boy, by night she is none other than an erotic romance author, writing to her hearts content and loving her life.

Her hobbies include writing, of course; playing her PSP and PS2, watching TV and movies; and reading (paranormal, nontraditional and historical romance novels; whether in e-book or paperback format).

Reviewers' thoughts on Anika


Ms. Hamilton successfully weaves a story that has you wanting to know that all things turn out for the good. ~ Tami, Simply Romance Reviews


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